The Warrior Within 6-wk Course

The Warrior Within course is a 6 week online course designed to guide you to rediscovering your warrior within you. It’s easy to get lost or stuck in real-life through the battles we can face and lose sight of our warrior strength, however, it still lies in each one of us.

I will coach you on how to create incredible, profound changes by teaching real-life tools to rediscovering your warrior within and creating a real-life plan to CRUSH your goals.

What people are saying...

​I would recommend investing in coaching to everyone, and I have! I honestly believe it saved my life and my relationship with my daughter. I am living a life that I love and could not have asked for a better coach. I can tell you right now from the bottom of my heart that Renea’s coaching changed my life.  

~ Jordyn Barber 

I recommend Renea’s coaching to every woman. We all need to celebrate the strong warrior women we are. I would also recommend her as a life coach. She has insights that even someone as “experienced” (another word for been around a long time) as I am can be surprised and pleased at. Our weekly meetings are something I look forward to and will continue with her for a long time. We are never too old to learn something new, especially about ourselves.

~ Rolanda (Ronnie) Daniel

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