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Lose Weight & Feel Incredible

10-Day Warrior Challenge 

A couple of years ago, I was stuck in a vicious cycle.

Struggling with my weight and completely addicted to sugar - I was consuming 500+ grams A DAY!

I would try my hardest to eat healthy and lose weight.

I would do great for a few days, then fall off and binge on candy.

I had no clue how to detox from sugar and not fail.

I beat myself up over and over. The vicious cycle continued.

It wasn’t until I finally discovered the fact that sugar is 6X MORE addictive than cocaine - so, as a sugar addict, without having the knowledge and resources, I was doomed to fail.

I felt broken and lost... like I didn’t have any control over myself.

It wasn’t until I had a major wake up call that I decided to make a change and was determined to succeed.

I started researching and creating my own real-life tools at how to overcome my food and sugar addiction. How to work the mindset around getting healthy and staying healthy. 

I knew I wasn’t alone in struggling with food and sugar.

After 2 years and 70+ lbs lighter - I still use these same real-life tools to help me everyday. I shared my story about food/sugar addiction and the response was incredible.

So many women reached out sharing the same struggle.  

I knew that I HAD to bring these real-life tools to help others detox from sugar, lose weight, feel incredible and start healing your relationship with food and yourself.

Want to lose weight and feel incredible?

To get back control over food/sugar instead of it controlling you?

To kickstart your journey to being happier and healthier?

To feel better about yourself and have more confidence? 

To stop beating yourself up and finally end the vicious cycle?

This is why I created Lose Weight & Feel Incredible 10-Day Warrior Challenge. In this incredible online 10-day program, I am going to be giving you tips and daily support that will teach you how to kickstart your weight loss with a sugar detox and have you feeling incredible. 

I will also be teaching you crucial information like the mindset of losing weight, how to read a nutrition label, how to have a healthier relationship with food and daily support.

This challenge is going to have you feeling and looking fabulous. It will get you feeling more confident and having more energy than ever before! You will lose weight & feel AMAZING!!!


What You Get:

  • 10-Day Sugar Detox – The truth about sugar & how to detox successfully in real-life  
  • DAILY support with 11+ videos  
  • Mindset - Getting yours locked & loaded  
  • Boosting your self-confidence  
  • How to read a nutrition label  
  • How to use journaling to keep you focused & motivated  
  • Recipes (that are kid & me approved)  

There will also be a Q & A at the end of each livestream where you can get your specific questions answered. I LOVE this part because if you have a question – chances are, someone else has the same question – so don’t be afraid to ask! If you can't attend live and are watching a replay - don't worry - I got you! Enter your questions in the comment section of the video and I will be going back and answering those too.

This is for you if...

The Lose Weight & Feel Incredible 10-Day Warrior Challenge is for you if you are ready to step up like the Warrior you are and take action now to gain back control over your health! If you are wanting to feel happier, healthier and more confident about yourself. 

This is not for you if...

The Lose Weight & Feel Incredible 10-Day Warrior Challenge is not for you if you are not willing to take action. If you choose to let your fear, doubt and excuses run the show instead. If you want to continue in the vicious cycle of dieting and then falling off, this program is not for you.


Starts: ANY Monday 

Where: The Lose Weight & Feel Incredible 10-Day Warrior Challenge will be held in a private Facebook group with daily livestreams with my tips, information and motivation to keep you revved up and inspired to go at this 10-Day challenge with 110%. Live interaction including Q &A and a Facebook community with others that are there supporting each other.

Let’s cut to the chase… Why should you join now?  

This 10-Day challenge is going to get you motivated, give you daily support to set you up for success and also teach you crucial information to make a lasting change. It will jumpstart you into creating the healthy habits that you want in your life. A life that brings you more happiness, joy and health.

You will be given amazing tools that, once implemented, will have an empowering and transformational effect on your life immediately.  

But wait... there's MORE


All of this *PLUS* LIFETIME ACCESS - that means that for as long as I run this program, you have access. You can do as many 10-day challenge cycles that you want and learn crucial information to solidify your success on your health and weight loss journey.


The entire Lose Weight & Feel Incredible 10-Day Warrior Challenge is only $19 for EVERYTHING listed on this page plus so much more! 

ONLY 1 Payment of



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Here’s what you will get:  

  • 2 - 1:1 coaching calls/video chats with me to discuss your specific goals & create a real-life customized plan at how to achieve them.

  • 1 - “I am a Warrior” medium size canvas tote bag.


  • Access to Lose Weight & Feel Incredible 10-Day Warrior Challenge & community for life!

  • Valued at over $500+

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See what people are saying...

FYI for you Renea: I feel amazing for starters after the 10day challenge. I just cleaned the house for about four hours and didn't poop out after lugging my big canister around for an hour!

Starting out I wasn't sure if I could go without sugar. The daily encouragement from Renea makes you feel so empowered. She shares great knowledge throughout. One of the other things I appreciated was the documentaries she suggested to watch. Knowledge is power.

Renea is there every step of the way to answer any questions that I had along the way. I always thought it was my failure that I couldn't have the will power to say no to the junk, but I learned sugar is in everthing and addicting.

The first thing I noticed after just a few days was my stomach was noticeable less bloated!! Seriously, after a few days! I knew sugar was inflammatory but when you really figure out where it's coming into your diet, it's huge!

Thank you again Renea. I'm going to keep going with this. I finally feel like I can succeed at wanting a healthy lifestyle and won't be ruined by yo-yo dieting.

- Kady Flear

I absolutely loved the 10 day challenge! It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. It was just choosing to focus on one minute at a time, one right choice at a time. 

I lost 8lbs during the challenge and I feel absolutely incredible! I'm waking up at 5am on my own, an hour before my alarm clock! I no longer need that 3pm cup of caffeine, I'm not fatigued, I don't feel like I need a mid afternoon nap and my focus has improved as well!

After 10 days, my face is almost completely clear. My skin is so much softer. My hair.. Oh my goodness. I've always had very oily hair and now it not. It's healthy, manageable and super soft!!

I loved the inspiration and motivation. I also loved the recipes shared and teaching about how to change your mindset as well as journaling to help keep focus and achieve my goals.

I'm going to continue to stay away from sugar and not go back to binging.

- Tamela Fish

My name is Dana and I participated in Renea’s 10-day sugar detox challenge. 

Having been overweight since third grade and attempted multiple times at weight loss, I was nearing the point of throwing in the towel and no longer trying. The cravings! I could never kick the cravings! 

Through the urging of a friend, I signed up for the 10 day sugar detox challenge and I was AMAZED at the results. It was tough at first, but long before the 10 days were up, I noticed so many changes within myself. 

Now, at the start it wasn’t easy. Your body has to adjust. But by about Day 4, I knew I was losing weight, and I felt SO GOOD. All of my chronic aches and pains were gone, my sluggishness was gone but, above all, I noticed I was not fighting cravings like before. I no longer felt like I was trying to hold back a tidal wave all by myself.  

By the time it was said and done, I lost 8 POUNDS!! IN 10 DAYS! I have been telling everybody about the changes I’ve experienced and I’m still dumbfounded myself. 

Along the way, Renea posts videos every day to help keep you motivated and educated. She’s real, relatable, and encouraging! I’ve been telling everyone about how different I feel. 

After the first challenge was completed, I started it again and will continue to do so especially during the holidays to keep me on track. I’m excited to see what new changes come!!  

- Dana Rainwater 

I started following Renea after coming across her website on another vloggers site. I didn’t know a whole lot about food and sugar addiction, but could relate to most of what she shared. 

After an online poll, I decided to join the 10-day Warrior Challenge. I love that Renea is real, honest and so genuine and kind hearted. She is never pushy and always encouraging. I learned so much about myself in those 10 days and my relationship with food. 

I lost 10lbs and about 4 inches in the 2 weeks working with her. I also discovered many of my ‘hormone’ issues are linked to sugar and processed food, as mine have went away since cutting out these foods. Renea is always there for encouragement and understanding when I am struggling and has so much knowledge tucked away to share. 

I have continued on with my elimination of sugar and fast food and can tell when those foods have snuck back into my diet, especially during the busy holiday season. 

Thank you Renea for the lifestyle change you have helped me achieve, for your support, new friendship and real conversations! I highly recommend Renea as a Life Coach. You won’t regret it! 

- Janelle Shirley

About Renea

Renea Paulsen is a Real-Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Wife, Mom of 2, Recovering Food/Sugar Addict and Warrior Woman. She is passionate about connecting & inspiring other Warrior women to step into their strength & live a life they absolutely love in real-life. After struggling with her own battles in life including depression, anxiety, food and severe mental and physical trauma she developed her real-life tools and methods to completely transform her life. She set out on a mission to share her battles so other women would know they were not alone and teach them the real-life tools to help change their lives as well. Today, she motivates and inspires countless women to rise up like the strong Warriors they are and live a life filled with happiness, joy, love, passion and fulfillment. 

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